The Sovereign Lord


Because when we talk to the Lord long enough, our complaints turn into prayers. Our worries become worship, and our pouting becomes praise.

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King of the Mountain

King Of The Mountain

If I’m so strong, why does it hurt my feelings when people don’t like me? Why do I cry so much? Why do I work so hard to manage people’s opinions of me?

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They had waited for so long, only to find out they had been cheated! Bamboozled! Hoodwinked!

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The God Who Sees

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I could barely hear what my friend had to say because I was drowning in fear. In the end, I just asked her to pray for me. I asked her to talk to the God that I was annoyed with and ask him to give me strength to go on and trust to keep believing.

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Change In Plans…

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I know that I handle stressful times in my life by being hyper-controlling about my schedule and my other responsibilities, as if accomplishing some tasks with zeal will make me forget about the big, looming problem that is completely out of my control.

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“Deep Breaths”


My devotions have consisted of me just writing and crying, crying and writing. Tuesday I wrote in my prayer journal, “Where are you?!!!” I felt like God was just deserting me in this difficult time of my life.

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My Appendix Story

Sketch 2014-08-08 04_45_49

Hi Everyone!

I know I have been away for a long time! But I have a really good excuse! I have a draft in which I explain everything in writing, but then I thought, “Oh wait, I’m an illustrator! I can draw my story!” So I created these incredibly awkward drawings on my Mom’s iPad. It’s kind of a long story…

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